Eruan Salon

Due to clueless leadership of marxist NYC politicians we were forced to close.
We sincerly appreciate your support over the years. Thanks for the memories, we will keep them in our hearts.

To find out whereabouts of your stylist please write us at:


Dear Friends,

I’m incredibly sad to report that Eruan Salon is now closed. Like so many small businesses in NYC and throughout the nation, Eruan was a victim of the Covid policies and fear which have decimated Midtown Manhattan for the past 2 years.

Like so many sensible people, many of us are leaving NYC for good. Due to the policies the city government makes across a whole range of areas (not just Covid, but also public safety and excessive regulation) it’s nearly impossible for small businesses to make a profit here; and therefore impossible for small business employees to make a living wage.

Eventually this whole city might turn into nothing but Amazon delivery trucks and fast food chains, and everyone will all look back and wonder where the small businesses went. Now, you know – they will have been squeezed out of business by clueless politcians, and relocated elsewhere.

We’ll miss you all, and send you good wishes for health and safety in the future.

The Unemployed Team at Eruan